[Spread-users] deserialization problem on unix?

Rod Fleischer rodf at sparta.com
Wed May 14 15:37:23 EDT 2003

Daniel Rall wrote:
> The ClassNotFoundException error you're seeing is usually the result of the
> necessary bytecodes defining the class which you're deserializing not being
> found in the JVM's CLASSPATH at deserialization time.  From the example you
> show below, this doesn't look like the case.  Even so, double-check (or
> whatever n is at this point) your classpath argument to the VM.

No, it doesn't seem to be the case since it's already instantiated that 

The classpath argument is correct, it only defines the ./classes 
directory where the Foo class lives.  The spread.jar file is already 
installed as a java extension (for ease of testing).

> How different are the JVM versions running on the Linux and WinXP sides?

XP    - 1.4.1_01
Linux - 1.4.1_02


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