[Spread-users] problems concerning two daemons talking...

Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Sat Mar 29 17:01:36 EST 2003

 From the output you showed below, it looks like the problem is that the 
daemons aren't communicating, not that the clients can't communicate 
through them.  Output like:
    Configuration at gattaca is:
    Num Segments 1
            1        4803
suggests that gattaca does not see niche.  I would expect similar output 
on niche, only listing niche (and not gattaca).

I suspect that your problem is the ports... your output says that the 
segment is on port 4803, while the spread.conf you described says it is 
on 4805.  Both daemons must use spread.conf files with the same segment 
list information, in the same order.

Hope this helps,

Ian Fung wrote:

> i am trying to get a daemon running on each box, then having each 
> client locally connect to its own daemon via spuser and then sending a 
> group message where the other machine can see it. here is my spread.conf
> Spread_Segment {
>     gattaca
>     niche
> }
> DangerousMonitor = true
> RequiredAuthMethods = "NULL"
> AllowedAuthMethods = "NULL"
> when i run each daemon, they go up. and i get a membership id. at each 
> respective site it will display..
> ---------------------
> Configuration at gattaca is:
> Num Segments 1
>         1        4803
>                 gattaca      
> =====================
> when i send a j <group> from the client started at niche, i see 
> messages in gattaca's debug such as "Send_join: State is 4". when i do 
> that from gattaca, i see nothing at niche. it seems the clients can 
> not talk to each other via the daemons.
> thanks for listening,
> ian
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