[Spread-users] spread >= 3.17.0 daemon crash

André Bjärby andre at frd.net
Sat Mar 15 19:12:09 EST 2003


I've got a problem with a crashing spread daemon. The errors occurs 
both in 3.17.0 and in the cvs version of 20030314. The platform is 
Debian Linux i386 and the error message is:
"memory.c:601: dispose: Assertion `Mem_valid_objtype(obj_type)' failed."

More details and logs at http://ploj.org/spread/crash/ 

I've not been able to reproduce this error on either FreeBSD-4.7, 
OpenBSD 3.1 or RedHat 7.2 (in all those cases the client segfaulted). In 
a private mail Jonathan Stanton says he's heard of at least one other 
case of crashes on Debian which could not be reproduced on other Linux 
distributions. Has anyone more information about this?



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