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Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Fri Jun 13 10:10:47 EDT 2003

Sorry, forgot to reply to all.

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Subject: 	Re: [Spread-users] loadsharing with Spread ?
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From: 	Ryan Caudy <caudy at jhu.edu>
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No.  The idea of multicasting a message to a group is that every member 
should receive it.  However, since the clients can know the membership 
of their groups from regular membership messages, they could conceivably 
choose to only send the message to the private group of one member (this 
should be easy to implement by wrapping SP_multicast).

The notion of "first available" in this case also seems to be 
problematic.  Choosing a first member to send to at random, and then 
rotating in the order of the membership list should be fine for one 
sender, if the load balancing goal was just to send the same number of 
messages to each group member.  However, "first available" suggests some 
sort of global knowledge about clients who are ready for another 
message, which would require messages to be sent, or some other form of 


. zist wrote:

> Is there a way with Spread to do some loadsharing between members of 
> one Spread group ?
> The sender would send the message to the group and only one member of 
> the group
> would read it (the first available).
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