[Spread-users] Performance

Julien Berta jberta at fakespace.com
Thu Jul 31 07:24:34 EDT 2003


I am very new to spread, and currently evaluating it for a cluster project
(one writer and a bunch (less than 10) readers), all on the same 100MB
ethernet switch. All win2k machines).

I am getting these numbers:

FTP: 8.8 MB/s
TCP socket: 10 MB/s
Spread 3.3 MB/s

I have it set-up so that each machine on the local net (all readers and the
writer) have spread.exe running.


For a one to many messaging problem like mine, is Spread the right thing (I
do need reliability).
Previous posts seem to indicate that I should be getting higher performance:
Can someone with a comparable set-up tell me what they are getting and how ?

Thanks for your help,

Julien Berta
Solutions Engineer
Fakespace Systems

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