[Spread-users] Dynamically adding a node to a group

Rob Das rdas at bitmine.com
Wed Jul 23 21:53:40 EDT 2003

I have a quick question from a Spread newbie.  Because each Spread
daemon requires a configuration file that lists all participating nodes
by IP address, is there any way that a new node can be dynamically added
to a group with out changing the configuration files for each node and
restarting each and every daemon?
Basically what I'm asking for is dynamic discovery of a new node where
each existing node in the group receives a "new member" message or
something like that.  JavaGroups does this, but I'm looking for
something that might handle more message throughput.
Also, has anyone compared the performance of the Java binding to Spread
vs. JavaGroups for similar underlying protocols?
Thanks in advance for any replies.
Rob Das
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