[Spread-users] local retransmissions

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Wed Jan 8 08:02:25 EST 2003

Hi Bruce,

Yes. I think your broadcast or multicast address does not work.
You can verify this using the "s" and "r" programs provided with
Spread.  Basically, every message sent by test41 has to be
retransmited using unicast after the multicast has failed.
By the way, if you add a third machine in this case, nothing will
probably work.


         :) Yair.
Bruce> greetings...
Bruce>  I have a test that blasts alot of messages between two
Bruce> processes on one server with a local spread daemon.  Anyone
Bruce> know why I would be getting retransmissions in this case?
Bruce> Is there a buffer size or timeout I can tweak?
Bruce>  Thanks in advance.

Bruce> Bruce McLeod

Bruce> ============================
Bruce> Status at test41 V 3.16. 2 (state 1, gstate 1) after 2435 seconds :
Bruce> Membership  :  2  procs in 1 segments, leader is test33
Bruce> rounds   :  285489      tok_hurry :    1401     memb change:       2
Bruce> sent pack:  199442      recv pack :       1     retrans    :  200967
Bruce> u retrans:  200967      s retrans :       0     b retrans  :       0
Bruce> My_aru   :  970165      Aru       :  970165     Highest seq:  970165
Bruce> Sessions :      10      Groups    :       7     Window     :    3000
Bruce> Deliver M:  968795      Deliver Pk:  971183     Pers Window:    1500
Bruce> Delta Mes:       0      Delta Pack:       0     Delta sec  :     -17
Bruce> ==================================

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