[Spread-users] Spread 'kill' my server

Cosimo Calabrese the_tube at libero.it
Thu Feb 6 06:11:25 EST 2003


I'm working with a group communication Java application based on Spread; this application sends messages to Spread, and Spread sends them in multicast to a cluster. 

When I try to send a lot of messages per second, Spread kills the receiving group member after the reception of a certain number of messages. The java application reports this error:

spread.SpreadException: read(): java.net.SocketException: Connection reset
at spread.SpreadConnection.internal_receive(SpreadConnection.java:1057)
at spread.SpreadConnection.receive(SpreadConnection.java:1021)

This error doesn't happen when I send messages at a slower rate.

Any hint? I think that Spread kills me when the input buffers are full. How can I resolve this problem? Should I modify any of the #define variables?

Thanks, Cosimo.

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