[Spread-users] Spread daemon -8 and -11 errors

Chetan Gadgil cgadgil_list at cxoindia.dnsalias.com
Mon Dec 22 22:51:47 EST 2003

I have the same situation - I get arbitrary disconnects:

(The SP_receive call returns CONNECTION_CLOSED)

I am using spread under Windows XP Professional, with all the patches
(service packs) and spread compiled with MS-VS.NET 2003.

This tends to happen under heavy load situations. (Large number of


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> Hi,
> I'm running mod_log_spread with apache 2.0.47, using the prefork MPM, 
> and spread 3.17.1. There is a spread daemon running locally 
> on each web 
> server, specified with the following line in httpd.conf:
> SpreadDaemon 3333
> Most (75%?) of the apache log messages are being sent over the spread 
> ring and are recorded by spreadlogd on my logging host. 
> However, portion 
> of the log messages cause an error, and are not succesfully 
> sent to the 
> spread daemon. The errors look like this in the apache error log:
> [Mon Dec 22 14:24:42 2003] [crit] [client] Spread Daemon 
> returned an error. -11 This Request could not be logged 
> /author/upload/upload_progress.cgi
> There are also occasional -8 spread errors. Looking at sp.h in the 
> spread source tells me that these errors are 
> ILLEGAL_SESSION (-11). These errors are returned a dozen different 
> places in the spread daemon code, and I wasn't able to tell 
> why in most 
> cases.
> READMEs, Google, and mailing list archives have not turned up 
> anything 
> useful. I tried linking mod_log_spread.so against libtspread, 
> thinking 
> it might be a problem with thread safety (don't think it 
> should be, with 
> the apache prefork MPM), but the same symptoms are present. 
> Could this 
> be a message length problem? I don't have any absurdly long URL's I'm 
> servering up, and I'm using the standard "combined" log 
> format. Probably 
> no measureable percentage of log messages longer than 300 characters, 
> except that I'm losing a large fraction of the log messages.
> Also, I see the same symptoms on a web server that is under a 
> heavy load 
> (~10 log messages/sec) and another that has no load (just me 
> testing). I 
> see no pattern to the failures on the server under heavy 
> load, but I can 
> hit certain pages that will always generate a spread error on 
> the test 
> server.
> Anyone ever seen something like this? TIA for your help.
> Best Regards,
> Bill Montgomery
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