[Spread-users] Win32 DLL options

Chetan Gadgil cgadgil_list at cxoindia.dnsalias.com
Mon Dec 15 06:50:44 EST 2003

First of all, thanks this great toolkit.
I think we should have DLL as the default output on Win32.
This needs minor code changes to the sp_func.h and sp.c files. (I
already have them)
Another thing we need, is to slightly change the interface of
The argument syntax is not friendly towards easy conversion to .NET
I have a modified wrapper, but I have done just enough to suit my
The C# API was not stable enough for me to use (get runtime exceptions),
so I have wrapped the C library as a DLL within PInvoke.
It was a breeze, thanks to both Spread APIs and Microsoft's cool
PInvoke. This can be standardized as a part of the toolkit too, as the
maintenance overhead should be low.


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