[Spread-users] unconfigured interfaces

Kieren Hynd kieren at keme.net
Thu Dec 4 09:47:13 EST 2003


More of a linux networking / Wackamole question really (is there a
mailing list for Wackamole?), but maybe someone here has the answer :)

We'd like to let Wackamole have its Virtual IP's on an interface by
itself (eth0), with Spread messages going over another interface (eth1)
on a private network.

This works ok if we assign an address to eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces
on the linux servers, but it also means that we have to statically bind
one of the VIP's to each machine, or give it another address outside of
the VIP range.

So, the question is: Does anyone know of a way to get Wackamole to
manage its virtual interfaces on a 'real' interface under linux that has
no address assigned to it (ie; down)?
If we try to run Wackamole on an interface that isn't up, it has
problems bringing up its virtual interfaces because the interface eth0
wasn't up, and therefore had no routes in place.

I'd like not to have to assign one of the VIPs to eth0 to just get it
configured (and also not to have to set preferred VIPs in wackamole).  
I'd also not like to assign other addresses outside of the VIP range to
eth0 just to get the interface up.

Is it possible to get Wackamole to create a default route when it brings
up its virtual interfaces, or is this something that should be achieved
in linux's IP functions (if so, could someone give me a clue how?).


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