[Spread-users] Spread and reliable message communication

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Fri Aug 8 16:39:03 EDT 2003

>> ...
>> Another was to implement a recovery protocol, so that when a client
>> disconnects (for whatever reason), it can ask the server to resend
>> from the point of the last message received.

[Jim Vickroy]
> Did you intend to say: "... it can ask the **sender** to resend from
> the point of ..." rather than: "... it can ask the server to resend
> from the point of ..."?
> If not, how can the (Spread) server do this?

Sorry, I slipped into our-app-centric terminology there.  "The last message"
only makes sense here because the app imposes a total ordering on messages,
above what Spread does.  When a client starts up, it finds "the last"
message it acted on, identified by an application-level monotonically
increasing integer "id".  It then tells the application-level data server
what that was, and asks it to resend every application-level message with an
associated application-level id larger than that.  Of course Spread doesn't
know anything about this recovery protocol, and it's the application-level
data server that remembers every (application-level) message it has ever
sent (which is a lie <wink>, but harmless enough here -- it's a database
replication server, and can replay all the transactions in the database's
history for so long as the database exists, and doesn't have its history
explicitly wiped).

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