[Spread-users] Right configuration for loging (mod_log_spread)

Jose R. Ilabaca jrilabaca at certifica.com
Fri Aug 8 11:11:06 EDT 2003

I've being reading the list's archives and also mod_log_spread list's
archives. I've been testing with real load and I'm not still sure about
the right configuration for me.

I'm planning to have aboyut 10 web servers which will log about 40 lines
per second each and 2 servers for storing and processing the logs.

After the readings I configured 1 ring with the 12 servers IP and the
mod_log_spread defining 2 groups, so each of 2 loggers will have two log
files, one for each group (using spreadlogd), but process only one. In
this way if one log server fails I'll still have the complete log of
both groups.

I started with spread in only 2 web servers and 1 log server (all 3
spread.conf are the same, have the three servers on it). I configured 1
web server to start loging to spread and I was surprised about the
network traffic generated. So now I am not sure that the configuration I
decided was right. The server that has the web server loging to his
local spread server doubled the network traffic (which was expected, but
only the outbound traffic, not both!), but also the other web sever
doubled the network traffic, and it only has a spread daemon running,
the web server is not communicated with it, and has no spread client
running. Also other servers not involved in spread are receiving about
200 Kb/s of traffic...

So, the questions are: 
-Is this network behavior as it supposed to be?
-Is the configuration right?

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