[Spread-users] session queue overflow

Kelvin Fedrick Kelvin.Fedrick at noaa.gov
Wed Apr 30 16:00:32 EDT 2003

Apologies in advanced for the multitude of very basic questions I am
about to inundate you
with, but after searching as thoroughly as I could, I've been unable to
find the answers to
many of them. Anyway ...

What happens to a client applications session queue when he doesn't
receive messages
fast enough (slow client)? New messages dropped? Do client applications
receive notification
of a buffer overflow condition from SP_receive or service messages?

The spuser appears to return a -8 Connection failure when joined to the
flooder group and run
against spflooder. Why? Is this a shortcoming of the spuser test program
or something different?

Does MAX_SESSION_MESSAGES control the number of messages queued, or the
amount of memory
available for queueing messages? The test I ran with a suggest the
latter (the smaller the message size, the more
messages sent by flooder were retained).

If the latter, why is it called MAX_SESSION_MESSAGES? 8^b

Kelvin Fedrick

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