[Spread-users] 100kB limit and MAX_PACKET_SIZE

Jonas Thor jonas.thor at contactor.se
Tue Apr 29 08:22:59 EDT 2003


I'm using spread and the python SpreadModule in a system. Spread is used
as a messagebus for some pythonprocesses on a single machine. No network
communication, just messages through localhost interface. It works just

Now I've run into the 100kB limit on messages. Or acctually the 144.000
byte (MAX_SCATTER_SIZE * (MAX_PACKET_SIZE - 32)) limit. I've tested to
tweak the MAX_PACKET_SIZE which is defined in data_link.h: 
<-- snip --> 
#define MAX_PACKET_SIZE   1472    /*1472 = 1536-64 (of udp)*/ 
<-- snip --> 

Increasing MAX_PACKET_SIZE with a factor 10 makes my problem go away. 

My Q's are: 
- Will this lead to other, currently unkown and invisable, problems ? 
- What is this 1536 - 64 thing ? 
- Is this the right way to move the 100kB limit up ? 



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