[Spread-users] UDP broadcast question

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Wed Apr 16 18:48:38 EDT 2003

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 03:29:39PM -0500, Monte Ohrt wrote:
> Hello,
> We use currently use spread (v. 3.16.02) and mod_log_spread and
> spreadlogd to send apache logs from a web cluster to a log server. Our
> spread.conf file looks like this:
> Spread_Segment {
> server1
> server2
> server3
> (etc)
> }

Is your network mask really a class B (/16) network space? Using a
broadcast address of is sending the packets to all of the
machines in the 10.131.*.* address space which is probably not what you
want :-)

If your networks broadcast address is actually then
changing to that will help some. You can also switch to using a
Multicast address as long as all the machines using spread are on the
same lan segment and your OS supports IP-multicast (most modern ones

If you switch to multicast, replace the with 225.131.x.y
(you can pick almost any network address between and, but some of the 224.* ones are reserved). Then the
traffic will be filtered to only those machines who are part of the
spread configuration.

> I notice by all the blinking lights on the switch that the packets are
> being broadcast across the entire network segment. We only have one
> server ( doing the chore of listening and logging the
> spread messages with spreadlogd. Is it possible to have the packets

Is this machine running a daemon? I don't think so since it's ip address
is not in the config file. If it is just a client connecting to adaemon
on another machine, then the config file doesn't affect it at all. 

> directed to that machine only (still via UDP) instead of broadcasted? If
> so, how do I accomplish this? I thought about changing the configuration
> to this:

No. This won't work. The segment address does need to be a broadcast or
multicast address so all the servers can communicate on it, even if you
only have one "listener"



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