[Spread-users] spread slow to notice failures

Generic Player suck at my-balls.com
Wed Apr 9 13:42:42 EDT 2003

I am testing out spread right now to do load balancing between 2 
webservers, using wackamole.  When I first start spread, they take 
about 10 seconds to find each other, and when I turn off one of the 
machines, it takes 30 seconds for the other to notice and respond.

Wackamole is fine, as soon as I see the membership event from spread, 
wackamole moves the IPs, its just for some reason spread takes a long 
time to notice when the other machine goes down.  I tried lowering the 
values in membership.c, but it had no effect.  The only other thing 
I've seen is people saying can cause slowness like this is because of 
broadcast traffic not working, but broadcast traffic works fine from 
what I can tell.

r.c and s.c don't compile, so I can't really test with those.  But if I 
ping both machines respond.  The machines are directly 
connected to each other via crossover cable, 1000baseTX full-duplex.  
Network connectivity is fine, no errors, good throughput.

Here's a copy of the config, its the same on both machines.

Spread_Segment {

Spread_Segment {

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