[Spread-users] help

lhs90 lhs90 at cs.ccu.edu.tw
Thu Sep 26 12:25:12 EDT 2002

    i want to use spread to build my wan replication database
    but i have two problems

    First, I ran two spread daemons in the same lan and clients connect to
different daemon join to same group can get messages, buf in wan
    they cant. it seems like two spreads cant send message to each other.
    In "Spread Wide Area Group Communication System", it say  "each site has
one daemon that acts as the representative of the site"
    i modified sample.spread.conf to my spread.conf but cant see any
configuration about this setting.

    Second,  i know that in a lan there is a tradeoff between daemons and
cost of recovery,  are you have any statistics about how i choose
    a balance point or i have to experiment on this.

    thanks in advance


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