[Spread-users] Final call for CVS testing

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Mon Sep 23 17:07:49 EDT 2002


I've tagged a RC3_3_17_0 release in CVS that should be the final version
before release of the real 3.17.0. I know a few people said they were
going to try and test it. I plan on releasing the real 3.17.0 tomorrow
unless there is a problem.

Thanks for your help,


Here is the list of changes as some of these will break builds for
software that uses spread (3.17.0 breaks binary compatibilty and changes
the names of the Spread libraries, and has a suggested source
compatibilyt change (using macros to access membership message fields).)

*) Apply Daniel Rall's SO_REUSEADDR patch. This adds a new configuration
   option SocketPortReuse that can either force SO_REUSEADDR on or off
   for TCP server sockets, or set it to an auto mode that uses REUSEADDR
   if specific interfaces are specified in the spread.conf file and
   does not use it if the default of INADDR_ANY is used. If you force
   this on, be aware that it can open up a security risk where other
   processes can steal Spread's traffic.
*) Enhance the group membership algorithm so very large groups and very 
   numbers of groups will be merged correctly during a membership. 
   With this change Spread should correctly handle groups with thousands
   of members and thousands of groups. This also includes a slight 
   optimzation by sending groups messages as AGREED instead of SAFE.
   Thanks to Ryan Caudy from JHU for doing this work.
*) Revamped build setup using autoconf instead of manual Makefiles.
   to Theo Schlossnagle for writing this and updating it. Some small
   were made to Theo's 3.16.2 patch when I applied it.
*) Change library name from libsp to libspread. This is both more
   and should fix the problem with library clashes with other libsp's.
*) Apply Daniel Rall's patch to make the spread execution directory and
   the user and group it runs as configurable at runtime.

*) Make sure service_type is set to 0 before using it in SP_receive
   in sample programs (spuser, spflooder, simple_user).
*) Fix GGT bug where Spread gets stuck or crashes if you reach GGT
*) Fix Mem_Alloc blocks so they can be freed without assertion failure.
*) Fix hanging bug wher token rotates, but ARU is stuck.

*) Split the growing changelog at the beginning of Readme.txt into a 
   separate file.
*) Updates to man pages. Clarify service_type handling. Add info on
   functions for membership message body.

Jonathan R. Stanton         jonathan at cs.jhu.edu
Dept. of Computer Science   
Johns Hopkins University    

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