[Spread-users] OcamlSpread

Yurii A. Rashkovskii yrashk at openeas.org
Tue Sep 17 11:06:02 EDT 2002


OcamlSpread, a wrapper for the Spread for the Objective Caml
(http://www.ocaml.org/) language has a first release today.

It is quite inmature (it doesn't implement all of the kinds of
functions provided by Spread now) and probably has a couple of bugs.

At this moment OcamlSpread is distributed under the terms of GNU GPL
but will be GNU LGPL later (with notice of Spread license, too)

WARNING: This release should not be used in production.

BTW, I don't spend a lot of time to code it now (last change was about
a month ago) so contributors and/or new maintainer are welcome.

Homepage URL: http://ocamlspread.sourceforge.net/

Best regards,
 Yurii                          mailto:yrashk at openeas.org

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