[Spread-users] problem re-using private names with 3.17.0

Sean Chittenden sean at chittenden.org
Mon Oct 28 14:43:01 EST 2002

> If you disconnect and immediately connect with the same name, it is
> very likely to get the not-unique rejection and this is perfectly
> normal and is the intended outcome (and not a bug).
> Upon disconnection, Spread passes a safe message to let everyone
> knows that this guy disconnected and only upon delivery of this
> message it actually clears this guy out. In the meantime, connecting
> with the same name will be rejected. Usually this should take a
> small amount of time, very likely less than a second in local area
> networks.

Does it not use a safe message for logging into the group?  I'd think
with ordered delivery that this wouldn't be an issue.  What's the
message type used on a login attempt?  If the message type is anything
but the same as the disconnection message... well...  that behavior
doesn't make sense to me.  In what cases/situations would this be
desired?  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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