[Spread-users] problem re-using private names with 3.17.0

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Sun Oct 27 16:20:28 EST 2002

[Yair Amir, on Jeremy's connect/disconnect/connect woes]
> ...
> That was my first reaction to Jeremy's message.
> However, reading it more carefully, you see that he means
> that Spread does not allow him to use the same private name
> AFTER the previous process that used the name already disconnected.
> If this is true, it is definitely a bug. I know Jonathan
> is looking into this.

Great.  In context, we have a Spread-based app with a large test suite, and
the setup and teardown methods for the individual tests routinely reuse the
same set of private names, establishing a new connection(s) in the setup and
disconnecting in the teardown.  Other parts of the tests rely on those
names.  The tests all passed under 3.16.2, but started suffering massive
"Connection rejected -- name not unique" failures when Jeremy tried 3.17.0.
I'm surprised that he can still write C code <wink>.

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