[Spread-users] problem re-using private names with 3.17.0

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Sun Oct 27 13:53:52 EST 2002

Hi Daniel,

Daniel> Hey Jeremy.  I can't say that I see the preventing of the use of the
Daniel> same private name by multiple clients as a "bug" (of course I could
Daniel> easily be wrong here ;), but I can suggest a work around.  Pass a NULL
Daniel> name to the Spread daemon when you call SP_connect() -- the daemon
Daniel> will generate and assign your client's connection a private group.

That was my first reaction to Jeremy's message.
However, reading it more carefully, you see that he means
that Spread does not allow him to use the same private name
AFTER the previous process that used the name already disconnected.

If this is true, it is definitely a bug. I know Jonathan
is looking into this.


   :) Yair.

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