[Spread-users] Proplem installation Secure Spread (sources)

Nita-Rotaru Cristina crisn at commedia.cnds.jhu.edu
Sun Oct 27 00:09:28 EDT 2002

Hi Max,

The make directive will just compile the package along
with some simple demos. There is no install command defined yet
(if you checked the Makefile.in file which are used by the configure
script to generate the Makefiles, there is no install defined.)

It will probably be added in the future.



On Sat, 26 Oct 2002, Max K. wrote:

> hello!
> i have tried to install Secure Spread Package.
> from what i saw during the "make" process the makefiles simply were not
> created properly, either because i've missed something during the
> reading of README or i have no idea why (thus this letter)
> well. is this an known issue ?
> symptom:
> 1) running "make" compiles the files (and doesn't copy the files to the
> $prefix/{bin|doc|lib|share| etc. etc. }
> 2) running "make install" does not copy the proper file to
> the proper place.
> so, before i write makefiles by hand (with a perl/shell script of course)
> can anybody point me out to what is wrong ?
> thanks in advance,
> Max.
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