[Spread-users] Proplem installation Secure Spread (sources)

Max K. skmax at techst02.technion.ac.il
Sat Oct 26 11:49:25 EDT 2002

i have tried to install Secure Spread Package.
from what i saw during the "make" process the makefiles simply were not
created properly, either because i've missed something during the
reading of README or i have no idea why (thus this letter)
well. is this an known issue ?
1) running "make" compiles the files (and doesn't copy the files to the
$prefix/{bin|doc|lib|share| etc. etc. }

2) running "make install" does not copy the proper file to
the proper place.
so, before i write makefiles by hand (with a perl/shell script of course)
can anybody point me out to what is wrong ?

thanks in advance,

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