[Spread-users] Can Spread be real time?

gulekim at samsung.co.kr gulekim at samsung.co.kr
Mon Oct 21 01:32:26 EDT 2002

Thanks, Yair.

Sorry that I do NOT have any detail requirement before asking real-time specification.

I just meant that Spread does NOT give real-time communication way because ...
1) Spread event subsystem is one threaded centeric event buffering system :
 - if any event processing time become longger, all other events are delayed.
2) Spread always trying to send until buffered message get the upper limit :
 - session bardger does.
3) Spread daemons are trying to retransmit token :
 - can not determine when or how retransmition occure.

The other hand, more question for Spread real-time support.

1) If Spread does NOT guarantee real-time, is NOT it used in real-time system?
2) Witch environment is the best configuration for Spread middleware?
  - Where can I have no bardger, no retransmittion, any non-delay..

Thanks, anybody help me.


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