[Spread-users] Story for sysadmin magazine

John David Duncan jdd at greatschools.net
Wed Oct 9 18:23:21 EDT 2002

> >
> There's a full implementation of mod_log_spread (eith custom logs and
> transfer logs and such) for mod_perl, so that you can use it as a
> PerlLogHandler.  I'll upload it to CPAN this weekend and let you know
> what the package name is, if you're interested.  The nice thing about
> doing it that way over a internal logging script is
> 1) you dont have to modify any pages (just your httpd.conf)
> 2) connections to spread are persistent

Yes, I think I should mention it.  I want to get a revision to the editor
later this week -- if you tell me where people can get the perl module,
I'll put it in the article.

- JD

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