[Spread-users] yyparse on freebsd

Scott Wilson scott at resonantsystems.ca
Fri Nov 29 15:36:43 EST 2002

Hi Yair,

I tried your suggestion, but despite not rebuilding the lex/yack files 
I still have the same problem.  Any other suggestions?  Also the most 
recent binary build of spread in the freebsd ports tree is still 3.16.



On Friday, November 29, 2002, at 07:21 AM, Yair Amir wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> There probably is a problem with the version of your flex or
> something.
> Fortunately, just take the original source again. After that, touch
> all of the c and h files but not other files. This will get the
> timestamp on the c and h files to be more recent then the lex/yack
> files, and therefore, per my understanding, will not re-build them.
> (Actually, rebuilding these files on every installation is really
> not that smart on our side - the original c/h files in the
> distribution are already built well and will work without
> flex/yacc'ing on every user's computer).
> Let me know if that works.
>               Cheers,
>               :) Yair.
> p.s. this is a point of discussion in our group whether source
> installations should by-default re-build the lex/yack files.
> p.p.s I think there are binaries for freebsd in the binary
> distribution.
> Scott> Hi, I'm trying to get version 3.17 of spread running under 
> freebsd (4.7
> Scott> and 4.6).  There seems to be a problem with yyparse() inside 
> Conf_init
> Scott> clobering the arguments to Conf_init.   I've used 3.16 on 
> freebsd
> Scott> without problem so it seems to be new to this version.  I'm not 
> really
> Scott> familiar with flex, can someone point me in the direction of 
> debugging
> Scott> this further?
> Scott> thanks,
> Scott>    scott
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