[Spread-users] yyparse on freebsd

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Fri Nov 29 10:21:11 EST 2002

Hi Scott,

There probably is a problem with the version of your flex or

Fortunately, just take the original source again. After that, touch
all of the c and h files but not other files. This will get the
timestamp on the c and h files to be more recent then the lex/yack
files, and therefore, per my understanding, will not re-build them.
(Actually, rebuilding these files on every installation is really
not that smart on our side - the original c/h files in the
distribution are already built well and will work without
flex/yacc'ing on every user's computer).

Let me know if that works.


              :) Yair.

p.s. this is a point of discussion in our group whether source
installations should by-default re-build the lex/yack files.

p.p.s I think there are binaries for freebsd in the binary

Scott> Hi, I'm trying to get version 3.17 of spread running under freebsd (4.7 
Scott> and 4.6).  There seems to be a problem with yyparse() inside Conf_init 
Scott> clobering the arguments to Conf_init.   I've used 3.16 on freebsd 
Scott> without problem so it seems to be new to this version.  I'm not really 
Scott> familiar with flex, can someone point me in the direction of debugging 
Scott> this further?

Scott> thanks,

Scott>    scott

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