[Spread-users] group membership

Weinsberg Yaron wyaron at sangate.com
Sun Nov 24 04:06:28 EST 2002

Hi There,

We at SANgate had a similar requirements. I have created a patch in spread
discards all regular group messages that are targeted to a specific process
(which is identified by spread's connection string: "#ID#host",
and can be configured at spread.conf).

The patch is 15 lines of code at: session.c, If you are interested I can
send you a copy.
(Since all messages are discarded as soon as they are received by spread
daemon, there is no danger of disconnection)


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> Hi Darin,
> There is no way to do that with Spread, but you can have your programs
> join 2 groups, one of them for the sake of membership only,
> and have your group monitor join only the group on which you do not
> send. That should give the desired behavior.
>       Cheers,
>       :) Yair.
> Darin> Hi,
> Darin> When I'm connection to the spread daemon I can specify whether to
> Darin> receive or not any membership change messages. Is there a way to do
> Darin> same thing for the regular messages? I.e. I want to receive only
> Darin> membership change messages.
> Darin> I'm using spread for moving big amounts of data and I want to log
> Darin> all membership statistics. My problem is that If i choose to
receive all
> Darin> messages including the regular traffic then I risk to get
> Darin> because I'm not able to process these messages fast enough.
> Darin> So is there a way to receive just membership messages?
> Darin> Thanks,
> Darin> Darin
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