[Spread-users] Performance problem on WIN200 and WIN XP

Giambattista Saldi g.saldi at kline.it
Wed Nov 20 03:06:05 EST 2002

I'm very interesting in spread.
I'm developing a financial trading system and we want use spread to
distribute message to our client software.
Reading spread documentation , i think, that it is a right tools for the
developing system.
I read, in the documentation that spread can deliver 1000 msg/sec
Trying it, i have very poor performance, on win200 server SP2 and WIN  XP
with Intel PIII 1000 or PIV 2000,
the cpu go immediately to 100%,for the test i use spflooder and the default
configuration of spread, i change only the ip configuration.
Can anyone help me to understand the problem.

thank's in advance

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