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Wed Nov 13 12:50:59 EST 2002

Ben Laurie <ben at algroup.co.uk> writes:

> Daniel Rall wrote:
> > Ben Laurie <ben at algroup.co.uk> writes:
> >
> >>Manuel Duran Aguete wrote:
> >>
> >>>Hello,
> >>>	We are newbies usign spread.
> >>
> >>>	We are interested in adding disk-based persintence feature for
> >>>certain
> >>
> >>>msgs. We are thinking in storing the messages in a local db file, to be
> >>>able to deliver a msg if the server/client crashes. Any suggestion or
> >>>idea is wellcome.
> >>
> >>There's a paper all about how to do this properly on the Spread
> >>website. The Spread guys have threatened to actually produce an
> >>implementation, but no word on when :-)
> >>
> >>I think it'd be cool to have.
> > Hooking a persistance mechanism up to Spread is a great idea.  Even
> > better would be if this persistance mechanism provided versioning!
> > Lately I've been dreaming about hooking Spread up to Subversion[1],
> > and vice versa.
> > Subversion uses BerkeleyDB[2] as its backend (a "local db file," as
> > suggested above by Manuel), and includes both a repository access[3]
> > and file system[4] API.  Subversion is implemented using the Apache
> > Portable Runtime[5] C support library (and the server as a module for
> > Apache httpd), and runs on unixy and windows systems.  Though still in
> > development, it has been self hosting for over a year.
> > The combination would make not only an ideal gateway for a
> > persistent,
> > versioned message store with access control, but would eventually
> > allow Subversion to provide distributed/federated repositories.
> Ooooh. Are you going to ApacheCon? Let's talk there!

Yes, I'll be there Saturday evening through Tuesday evening.  Will you
be there during the hackathon, Ben?  (I'm still trying to find the
document where I'm supposed to list that I'm going.  ;-)

Daniel Rall <dlr at finemaltcoding.com>

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