[Spread-users] Re: [Spread-users]: Max time delivery?

Datoh datoh at free.fr
Wed May 22 05:44:53 EDT 2002

>As for having this feature in spread:  I guess I can see the advantage 
>of doing this in the daemon, because the user doesn't need to get the 
>message and then discard it, but aside from that it is trivial to 
>implement this at the application level.

I don't think it's so trivial because if one node receive the message
after the max time, all the node must discard the message so you have
to add a ack protocol over spread that i think is not a good solution.

I believe that a solution is to add a timeout property to a message:
(java API)

          message = new SpreadMessage();
          message.setTimeout(true);		// Activate the timeout
          message.setTimeOutValue(200);	// set timeout to 200ms

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