FW: [Spread-users] Spread daemon crashes and Java API

Tracy Boehrer tboehrer at voice3g.com
Thu May 9 11:26:25 EDT 2002

Well in my case I forced Spread to crash... ;-)  However, if it has code in it, it will crash at some point.

I modifed the Java source and added a method to AdvancedMessageListener that will get called when the Listener thread is exiting.  I pass a flag that lets me know whether it is stopping normally.  If this method is called with an abnormal stop flag, I disconnect, and then attempt some number of connect's.

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I would like to know why your spread daemon crashes (if that's what you

The spread guys are obviously best placed to answer this but here is what I
have done:
I handle the spread error code "CONNECTION_CLOSED"(c version) and try to
my connection. Your listener is probably termintated by spread because it
is not keeping up with the sender (a problem that I have experienced

I also increased the number of backlog messages that spread allows from the
default 1000 to 10,000.

Regards, Koorosh

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When using the Java API and either the BasicMessageListener or
AdvancedMessageListener, and the Spread daemon crashes, the
SpreadConnection.Listener thread simply terminates.  However, the
application has no clue this just happened.  What is the best way to detect
this so that I can take corrective action (attempt reconnects, terminate
myself, etc...)?

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