[Spread-users] unexpected daemon exit

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Wed May 8 17:45:37 EDT 2002

Hi Jeremy,

Absolutely a bug in Spread (or with the interaction with the operating
system). If in Spread, its probably in the authentication package.

In general, if Spread gets into a state which should not be possible,
that means there is a bug in the relevant state machine. Our general
rule is always to print that there is a bug and to exit. We could
choose to continue execution but then the behaviour could be undefined.

I haven't encounter one of these in a while. it would be helpful if
you could give us more info such as the operating system, configuration
file, and, most important, whatever you can say about what clients
connect, how many of them, how often, where are they coming from,
what authentication method you are using (if at all), etc.


	:) Yair.

Jeremy Hylton wrote:

> My Spread daemon exited with the following error message today:
> Sess_recv_client_auth: BUG! Session is already authorized (status 0x1)
> errno say:: Bad file descriptor
> I don't understand what went wrong.  Can anyone explain what the error
> means?  Does it suggest that I was doing some wrong, or is it a bug
> that the daemon exited?
> Jeremy
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