[Spread-users] Re: Newbie: Initial queries

Daniel Rall dlr at finemaltcoding.com
Wed Mar 13 12:00:55 EST 2002

Jonathan Stanton <jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu> writes:

> Restarting the spread daemons has to be done by something outside the system
> (which is I think what you mean above) 
> Spread by default does not provide any way for a client to know which spread
> daemon to connect to. That is considered part of the applciation because it
> will depend a lot on what the application is doing. Certainly the simplest
> thing is to keep trying to connect to the same server and just wait until it
> comes back up.

We use the retry approach at CollabNet.  Running the spread daemon
under supervise has also proven to be useful (and safe!).

> There isn't a race problem with restarting the daemons as the daemon does a
> check for a previously running daemon on the same port and refuses to
> restart if that is true. So it should not matter if multiple nodes try to
> restart a daemon. To make it simpler, I recommend using a script like most
> sysv startup scripts that will check for a running instance, write the pid
> into a /var/run/ file and that will give a nice way outside of spreaed to
> safely start it.

DJB's supervise handles this seemlessly.

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