[Spread-users] ACK and group membership, was Re: Session disconnect

Tom Mornini tmornini at infomania.com
Fri Mar 8 12:43:11 EST 2002

Theo Schlossnagle wrote:

> You don't need to implement an ACK mechanism.  Spread provides you with
> this information.
> Spread will notify the _sender_ that the group has changed when your
> receiver is disconnected.  so you didn't "loose" any messages.  You
> should have been aware that you were sending them to a group that didn't
> contain the member you were expecting to hear them
> Spread's group semantics provide a powerful and sufficient mechanism for
> implementing application-level reliable delivery.  Spread itself, only
> implements daemon-to-daemon (network) reliable multicast.

One thing that surpised me about Spread the first time I read the docs 
is that it DOESN'T (at least I haven't noticed it) provide a built-in 
mechanism to find out who the members currently are for a given mbox.

I'm curious as to why this functionality was left up to the application?

And, please count me in on the group of people who would prefer to see 
Spread block the client (with timeout, of course) in the event of a 
recipients mailbox being full. :-)

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