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Web site monitoring

Your Weekly Web Site Performance Report For February 27, 2002 - March 5, 2002

Dear Subscriber,

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This Week's Stats
Business Web sites with remote performance monitoring have quicker download times than sites without monitoring. 
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Weekly Summary Report
Total Outages: 0.00
Total time on error: 00:00
Percent Uptime: 100.0
Average Connect time*: 0.91
 * Average in Seconds

If you would like to see the daily performance during the past week, go to the link below to view your report(s),

<a href=http://www.internetseer.com/tr.jsp?79785YKWR7h7oYxX7976OHcqdUKPxGJD7i7gEWR7078YwKWTGNKX7372OzzUR797bYwAR727hYz=e3 target=_blank>Detailed Performance Report</a>

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