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koorosh.alahiari at ids.allianz.com koorosh.alahiari at ids.allianz.com
Tue Mar 5 10:46:59 EST 2002


The sender IS a member.
I even tried sleeping for 5 seconds between 1000
messages. If the limit is 1000 why am I kicked
off after 1225 messages? SHOULD I not be
a member of the group?

Regards - Koorosh

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> I have a client that generates the messages and I run spuser as another
> client
> that joins the group my program sends the messages to.
> spuser printsout all the messages (up to 1225) BUT my program
> does not try the to receive the messages that it is
> sending itself.
> Looks like things are happening too fast
> for spread to handle correctly!

Is the sender a member of the group to which it sends the messages?
Then you're running into the 1000-message limit -- I bet the sender
isn't set up to receive its own messages, but the Spread semantics
make this happen.

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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