[Spread-users] packet loss? (win2000)

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Mon Jul 22 09:01:41 EDT 2002


I just want to double check that when you run your sender, your
receiver is already running. Otherwise, of course the receiver will
not receive the messages that were sent before the receiver joined the

Also, I think you really should go and read the user guide in terms of
setting broadcast or IP multicast etc. And you should fix your config
file so that you understand every line in it and every line works in
it. Although I don't think that your config file is the cause of the

If you did start your receiver well before you started your sender -
just give the receiver a little more time to get the messages. If both
of these don't help - then I have no idea. I never heard of anyone
experiencing a percentage loss of messages. In my opinion, it is just
not possible, so it has to be something else.


    :) Yair.
Fernando> Hi Yair,

Fernando> I tried the out-of-the-box spflooder and had the same results:
Fernando> I sent messages using the following command:

Fernando>                 spflooder -u sender -m 1000 -b 100 -wo

Fernando> and received that using:

Fernando>                 spflooder -u recv -m 1000 -b 100 -ro

Fernando> spread is in execution with this configuration file:

Fernando> -------------------------------------------------------------
Fernando> Spread_Segment {

Fernando>         localhost     
Fernando> }

Fernando> Spread_Segment {

Fernando>         itwks2053     
Fernando> }

Fernando> # Spread options
Fernando> DebugFlags = { PRINT EXIT }

Fernando> DangerousMonitor = false
Fernando> ----------------------------------------------------------------

Fernando> (I had to insert my machine twice: having only the loopback interface
Fernando> 'localhost' won't work...)

Fernando> Then, to complete the "message reception" I had to run the send 3 times (so
Fernando> more or less the same packet loss). 
Fernando> I also saw that if I change the spread process priority to "above normal" in
Fernando> Win2000 (while all the spflooder have "normal" priority) all the messages
Fernando> are received, but the packet rate is very little (<100 msg/sec).

Fernando> Maybe I'm making something wrong, and/or you can give me some idea. (I
Fernando> really hope so).

Fernando> BTW, I also had another question: I read that spread may uses broadcast as
Fernando> performance optimization; there is a way of disabling this behavior? (I
Fernando> would like to try spread in an environment where other sw are running using
Fernando> broadcast, and would prefer avoiding the broadcast storm effect).

Fernando> Thanks.
Fernando> Cheers

Fernando> Fernando

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