[Spread-users] packet loss?

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Thu Jul 18 12:24:42 EDT 2002

I think I know what your problem is.
Try sending 10,000 messages and tell us how many you receive.
Also try 100,000 messages.


     :) Yair.
Fernando> Hi everybody,

Fernando> I downloaded a couple of days ago spread, and found it very interesting.
Fernando> Just to test its performance I modified slightly the "spflooder" program, to
Fernando> show the time elapsed from the first to the last message received (receiving
Fernando> mode).

Fernando> I'm using spread under Win2K (3.16.2, binary distro).

Fernando> My "tests" are with one sender and one receiver (and the spread exe) on the
Fernando> same machine.

Fernando> I've experienced a high packet loss rate, regardless of the delivery mode in
Fernando> the SP_send call (I've used all, from UNRELIABLE to SAFE).
Fernando> But, for instance, when sending 1000 msgs of 100 bytes, no more than 700
Fernando> msgs are received.

Fernando> Probably I'm making some mistakes....

Fernando> Any idea?

Fernando> Thanks in advance.
Fernando> Cheers

Fernando> Fernando.

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