[Spread-users] who's using it and what are they using it for

Tracy Boehrer tboehrer at voice3g.com
Wed Jul 3 15:10:47 EDT 2002

We are in the telecommunications field.  We use the product on Windows platforms.  We have a series of tables that need to be replicated across "nodes" in a "cluster" of media processors.  I have had no negative experiences with it.  One gripe I have is having to manually configure machines in a segment (as oppsed to Spread discovering this on it's onw).  I LOVE it because we were up and running in a snap, and as far as I am concerned it just doesn't crash (at least the way we are using it).  Also, we access Spread via the Java API.

Tracy Boehrer
Voice3g, LLC

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I'm researching to determine if spread is a reasonable alternative to
tibco's rendez-vous message bus.  

What I would like to know from everyone on the list is:
	who is using spread
	what environment is it being utilized in
	what you think of it - the good AND the bad please  
	anybody tried the support from Spread Concepts LLC

I work in a semiconductor manufacturing facility that runs 24x7 so
reliability, uptime and error recovery are the lifeblood of this department.
We currently use tibco to deliver the messages between numerous hpux
servers, a couple databases, about 50+xterms, unlimited pcs, and all the
processes that perform the manufacturing process including spc data
collection.  Obviously there are numerous entities that use the message bus.

Thanks in advance.

Jeanie M. Schwenk
Software Engineer 
Automation Department
Integrated Device Technology
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