[Spread-users] 1 problem with Spread.pm and 1 problem with spread daemon, was

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Fri Jan 18 02:22:51 EST 2002

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 10:59:08PM -0500, Tim Peters wrote:
> [Tom Mornini]
> > 344821:[Fri 18 Jan 2002 00:52:53] Sess_write: killing mbox 9 for not
> > reading
> > 347827:[Fri 18 Jan 2002 00:52:53] Sess_kill: killing session r0-9
> > ( mailbox 9 )
> That pair of lines means the mailbox for connection with private name r0-9
> has 1000 unread msgs in its queue.  Spread automatically disconnects the
> offending client at that point.  The aggregate size of the messages doesn't
> matter, and neither does their age, it's solely the message count that


> matters.  This isn't documented (AFAIK), but Yair explained it here
> recently.  We've been chasing the same thing in our project the past two

I'm pretty sure it is mentioned somewhere, but I entirely agree it needs
to be emphasized more. I'll check the docs this weekend.

> > 347895:[Fri 18 Jan 2002 00:52:53] G_handle_kill: #r0-9#localhost is
> > killed
> > 347896:[Fri 18 Jan 2002 00:52:53] G_handle_kill in GOP
> Sorry, I haven't bumped into those yet; offhand it sure looks like they're
> just telling you that Spread is removing ro-9 from the group(s) it's in, due
> to disconnection (we've only had SESSION debugging turned on).

Yes. This is a result of the kill because of not reading fast enough.


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