[Spread-users] Tunnels

Mark Anacker manacker at lizardtech.com
Thu Jan 10 21:06:55 EST 2002

You don't know my family :-) 

Besides the usual e-mail/IM/local web services on the internal net, I've got
home security and automation stuff flying around.  I'm using spread as the
messaging layer for a distributed X-10 control and monitoring system, as
well as environmental and security sensors.  Now when I plug my laptop into
the net at the office, I'd like to have it join my office spread segment,
but also be able to join groups in the home network.  That way my pop-up
monitors still function.

And then there's the wireless networks I'm playing with - I'd like to be
able to join clusters of small devices into the spread net.  

I may be doing it mostly because I can right now, but it is fun.  Spread's
architecture makes it easy to model ad-hoc networks, so I use it for
practical research also.

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Hi Mark,

Can you educate me as to why you need Spread on your HOME network
between several segments crossing the Internet?
What is the use of Spread that a family could want?

That's a first for me :)


	:) Yair.

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