[Spread-users] This time, networking issues...

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Fri Feb 22 15:41:09 EST 2002


Your configuration file does not fit your network in the sense
that your broadcast/multcast address you provided in the spread.conf
does not actually work at all on your network.

Spread is kind of handling it gracefully for you (or not) such that
as long as there are two guys, the broadcast does not work and then,
since only one guy missed any message,
a unicast is used by the initial sender to recover it for the other guy
that missed it, and unicasts do work on your network.
So even when you had 2 guys the system probably ran much slower than
necessary (at least twice as slow as it should).

When you have more than 2 guys and the multicast message/broadcast
message does not work, the others are asking for it and a broadcast/multicast
is used again to recover it and that will nor work.
Therefore there will be no progress in the system.

Fix your network / config file.


	:) Yair.

Michael C. Jackson wrote:

> Hello yet again.  I think I am OK with the Perl issues now that I
> understand the whole hash-reference bit.  Now I'm having a separate
> issue.
> We have three machines here that we are trying to get running over
> spread.  Let's give them these IP's for illustrative purposes.
> x.220.0.150
> x.220.0.180
> x.220.0.190
> My spread.conf is set up as follows:
> Spread_Segment x.220.0.255 {
> 	anomaly	x.220.0.150
> 	singularity	x.220.0.180
> 	entropy	x.220.0.190
> }
> Here's the issue.  Any of these machines can talk to a single other
> machine via spread, but when you bring a third one live, when it's
> recognized by the other spread daemons, the network 'freaks out.'  I
> will elaborate since that's not a very good description.  If you have
> spmonitor running, retrans (in particular, s_retrans) goes through the
> roof.  You can also watch the hub that these are all connected to light
> up in a rather epileptic manner.  I've talked with a few people here,
> and we don't know of any network-related reason this shouldn't work.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance, as always.
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