[Spread-users] This time, networking issues...

Michael C. Jackson mcj at corp.halfpricehosting.com
Fri Feb 22 14:28:44 EST 2002

Hello yet again.  I think I am OK with the Perl issues now that I
understand the whole hash-reference bit.  Now I'm having a separate

We have three machines here that we are trying to get running over
spread.  Let's give them these IP's for illustrative purposes.


My spread.conf is set up as follows:

Spread_Segment x.220.0.255 {
	anomaly	x.220.0.150
	singularity	x.220.0.180
	entropy	x.220.0.190

Here's the issue.  Any of these machines can talk to a single other
machine via spread, but when you bring a third one live, when it's
recognized by the other spread daemons, the network 'freaks out.'  I
will elaborate since that's not a very good description.  If you have
spmonitor running, retrans (in particular, s_retrans) goes through the
roof.  You can also watch the hub that these are all connected to light
up in a rather epileptic manner.  I've talked with a few people here,
and we don't know of any network-related reason this shouldn't work.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, as always.

Michael C. Jackson
Systems Administrator
Express Technologies,
dba HalfPriceHosting, CFXHosting
mjackson at expresstech.net

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