[Spread-users] New Perl module available: Spread::Session

Jason W. May jmay at pobox.com
Sun Feb 10 15:57:48 EST 2002

> From: guido at pcp742651pcs.reston01.va.comcast.net
> [mailto:guido at pcp742651pcs.reston01.va.comcast.net]On Behalf Of Guido van Rossum
> > I've just uploaded to CPAN an alpha version of a Perl module
> > providing an OO layer on top of Spread.pm.
> > 
> >   use Spread::Session;
> > 
> >   my $session = new Spread::Session;
> >   $session->subscribe("mygroup");
> >   $session->publish("othergroup", $message);
> > 
> >   $session->callbacks(message => \&message_callback,
> >                       timeout => \&timeout_callback,
> >                       admin => \&admin_callback);
> >   my $input = $session->receive($timeout);
> > 
> I'm interested in your timeout callback.  When is it called?  What
> can one do in it?

If $session->receive() doesn't pick up any inbound Spread messages,
it will call the timeout callback.

Not a particularly sophisticated event model, but I wanted to use
callbacks consistently.  Since many Spread applications would have
other events besides Spread messages, a better use of Spread::Session
would be to nest it inside another event-management framework, monitor
the Spread file descriptor, and only call $session->receive(0) when
there is activity.

I'm working on a message queueing system that uses Spread::Session,
then I'll try hooking this into POE or possibly some other frameworks.

Then maybe some cross-language messaging experiments, using XML or
perhaps YAML for the message format.  Guido, do you have any Python
wrappers for Spread?


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