[Spread-users] Spread 3.16.2 test version available

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Sun Feb 10 02:07:27 EST 2002

[Jonathan Stanton
 Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 7:40 PM
> 	I've made a source release of the proposed 3.16.2 version available
> at www.cnds.jhu.edu/download/download_spread.cgi.
> This version could use some testing on various platforms to make sure that
> the Windows portability changes did not break any other platforms.
> This version should work much better on windows,

Indeed it does!  All the problems I knew about (and mentioned <wink>) got
fixed.  Debug-mode and Release-mode builds both worked fine "even on" Win98.

Three glitches I found while trying to build (the first two are specific to

+ No prototype for sock_strerror(), so MSVC complains and assumes it
  returns int (which it doesn't).
  Cure: add
      extern char *sock_strerror(int);
  to arch.h under the ARCH_PC_WIN95 branch.

+ No unistd.h.
  Cure:  Unclear, because lex.yy.c uses this, and that's a generated
  file.  On Windows it should include <io.h> instead (to get the system
  prototype for isatty()).

+ Many warning messages about signed/unsigned mismatches, and mismatching
  integral sizes.  Different projects have different policies about wngs;
  safest is a "no warnings" policy, since if any wngs are tolerated,
  developers soon tune out all wngs, and then the occassional wng that
  actually matters gets overlooked.

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