[Spread-users] New Perl module available: Spread::Session

Jason W. May jmay at pobox.com
Mon Feb 4 00:51:03 EST 2002

I've just uploaded to CPAN an alpha version of a Perl module
providing an OO layer on top of Spread.pm.

>From the perldoc:

  use Spread::Session;

  my $session = new Spread::Session;
  $session->publish("othergroup", $message);

  $session->callbacks(message => \&message_callback,
                      timeout => \&timeout_callback,
                      admin => \&admin_callback);
  my $input = $session->receive($timeout);

  sub message_callback {
    my ($sender, $groups, $message) = @_;
    return $message;

Coming soon - a set of modules built on top of this one that
provide a queueing system running over the publish/subscribe

Feedback is appreciated.


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