[Spread-users] Multipath Spread patch #5

Marc Zyngier Marc.Zyngier at evidian.com
Fri Feb 1 10:21:25 EST 2002

Hello all,

This is the 5th release of the multipath patch for Spread (against
current CVS, should be OK with 3.16.1). The purpose of patch is to
send Spread traffic on multiple networks, to support network failures
in a high availability environment.

The multipath patch has been stress tested on Linux, Solaris, AIX,
HP-UX, NT/Win2K, passing a few millions messages without problems. Of
course, that does not means it is bug free ! ;-)

Thanks for listening,


What's new :

* AIX port update :

Compiling on AIX 4.3 was quite difficult, since 'struct if_info' is
already used by the system... Renamed to 'struct spread_if_info'.

struct sockaddr_in on AIX have an unusual field called sin_len, which
*MUST* be set to sizeof(struct sockaddr_in). Otherwise, real fun

* Fixing fd to sessions corruption :

Included is the fix for the previously reported corruption problem.

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